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How to record a video for your brand or Youtube, save months of time, frustration, and money.

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What you will learn?

Deciding What To Talk About
10 Different Ways I Come Up With Video Ideas Free class!

Coming up with good content can be tricky. 

- Will I run out of content? 

- Do I have enough to say? 

- What Do I enjoy? 

- Will People listen? 

In This section of the course I go over my top 10 ways to not just come up with new video ideas but never run out of video ideas. 

The key to building a solid personal brand, channel, or online business is content consistenty. 

How often are you posting? 

Are you giving value?  (or just rambling)

Are people responding to your content? 

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Recording with Confidence (understand this before you press record)
How To Record With Confidence Free class!

I was incredibly nervous when I was first starting out.  When I got on camera I would freeze up, words wouldn't come out, and I was visibily nervous.

Over time and with practice I became more comfortable. 

This portion of the course will cover some techniqes to over come that fear, what I use to record my first videos, and how you can do these same things for your brand. 

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What Equipment Do I Use? (starter vlog set up everyone has)
Starter Vlog Set Up under $50 Free class!

In this section I discuss a simple vlog set up everyone has right now. 

I recommend you watch this video if you are a beginner, use your smart phone, use your smart phone microphone, set up some budget lighting, and get used to recording before you invest in a Mirrorless camera. 


note: if you are a more advanced user or you want to start with a mirrorless camera youcan click here to see my STUDIO SET UP and what exactly I use to record videos.

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How Long Your Videos Should Be
How Long Should Your Videos Be? Free class!

In this section we discuss video length.   My recommendations are based on what works for my content but also what I believe fits best with the Youtube Platform and ad placement. 

This is not however a one size fits all.  There are all kinds of different content styles and lengths and what works great for 1 person may not work for someone else. 

I do recommend when starting out you keep your videos on the shorter side so you have an opportunity to easily fix mistakes and publish the videos instead of needing to re record a 30-60 minute video (big time saver)

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Understanding The Entire Process (in 7 minutes)
Course Recap: Understanding Your Audience and The Process As a Whole Free class!

We have discussed 

- equipment

- Content

- Consistency

In this section I go over a start to finish when it comes to publishing your content and doing it in a way that relates to your audience, while maximizing the platform you are posting on (YouTube)

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About the course

Starting a YouTube Channel or a personal brand can be difficult and most times seem impossible. 

When I recorded my first podcast it was scary and it did not come out the way I thought it would but with some practice it became much easier.  

When recording a video it was even harder as I tried everything and none of it seemed to work plus I was even more nervous to be on camera and worry about what others would think! 

After 6 months of recording, publishing, deleting, switching equipment, then switching again, and again... I finally got it right for the type of content I was creating. 

This course is meant to be a simple and easy to follow guide so you can save yourself months of frustration and start recording sooner. 

NOTE: I recommend not making any purchases right away as I will show you how to use your smart phone for your first few videos.   Once you are comfortable on camera and have a rythm developed I recommend moving to the last part of the class on picking the right camera for your studio. (I list what I use here for you)

- This is one thing I wish i would have done before ordering expensive cameras.  



1. What are you going to talk about? 

2. Recording with confidence

3. Budget Vlog Set up (eqipment everyone has)

4. How Long Your Videos Should Be

5. Staying Consistent (1 video a week) 

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About the teacher

Chris San Rocco

Business Owner- Minimalist - Productivity Junkie

I am a business owner from Pittsburgh Pa who enjoys creating content on minimalism, productivity, and teaching people how to build a brand online. 

I have been creating videos and podcasts for years and continue to develop my skills. 

I share based on my own experiences and I only share what works for me and what will work . 


ps.  if you are not willing to put in the work and record at least 1 video a week then I wouldn't invest your time into this. 

Like anything building a brand online takes work and consistency


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